Identity Is The Key To Turning Your Bounces Into Buyers

Transcript from Video:

What if you could grow your business 10 to 20 % by adding a single line of code to your Web site. To grow any business you need eyeballs on whatever it is that you offer. Setting up ads and getting visits from your target market is usually not that hard. Things get hard when it’s time to monetize them. See the majority of people do not do the desired action. They don’t give you their information when they visit your Web site. There are a few reasons why:

  • They’re not interested in your product.
  • They could be interested in your product but not the way its positioned.
  • Or  they didn’t convert because life got in the way and/or they got busy.

We are more distracted and bombarded than any time in history. So what do you do with the people that could buy but simply didn’t. You have no way of contacting them. And for many companies they know if they could just have a conversation with a prospect they could get somewhere. Up till now there was no way to do that. But what if you could get the names, e-mails and addresses of your site visitors. Would that allow you to have conversations with your prospects in a new way? You bet it would. And with email being practically free it’s easy to put them into a conversion process that turns them into leads. Now most people at this stage think one or two things; they think it’s either not possible, it must be an invasion of privacy or its not legal.

Let’s address how Traffic Match AI does this. You have accounts on websites all over the Internet and some of those are paid subscriptions. When you return to those sites it has you logged in without having to enter your details every single time. It’s a very simple convenience, one you usually don’t notice it. The reason this happens is that they have cookies that track your browser. Through partnerships with many companies we’re able to get lists of their users and drop a cookie on them. Once you install our code on your Web site it uses that same technology to recognize your website visitors (ie. John Smith). We pass this information onto you in a PII and GDPR compliant file (see definitions below). You then have these anonymous visitors identities including their email, name and their addresses. Users agree to this in their terms of service.

We are also very concerned about privacy violations and legalities. This is why we use the best practices regarding Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and general data protection regulations (GDPR) compliance. You can look at the laws yourself. Including best practices for sending direct mail and email unsolicited, which you can do if you follow the those guidelines. Web users allow this kind of matching to occur in the website terms that they agree to on most websites. You don’t want to be creepy about it and say they went to your Web site, however you can send out e-mails and direct mail that references or repositions your offer.  The applications here are endless.

From a marketing standpoint we’re working on adding additional off-line integrations. Imagine being able to serve radio ads or Television ads to people who visit your Web site  All of this is in on our development calendar. If you’re a business, or someone who sells to businesses, this is a complete and total game changer. For more information fill out the form below and set up a “NO SALES” call.  Tell us about your business, your industry and we can get you set up.

This is best for Web sites with lots of traffic and sites with high value transactions. It works for local businesses, lead generation and e-commerce. Basically any website that has high value traffic and/or significant traffic that you want to turn into customers. You can use Traffic Match AI.  Now if you get little to no traffic or your product or service has a low dollar value, this is probably not going to help you.  Once you fill out the info and we get on a call, we’ll go over how you can use us in your business or your client’s businesses right away. The first movers on new technology always reap the most rewards and the first companies do SEO Google AdWords and Facebook ads reaped massive benefits. This will be no different. Fill out the form. We look forward to talking with you soon.

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