Traffic Match AI ™

Turn Bounces into Buyers

What Is It?
Traffic Match AI ™ built on our own network of over 200 million U.S. consumers, represents prospects who are actively pursuing a purchase and have already identified you as one of their options. They are prospects who are in your marketing funnel and are your quickest path to profits. And thanks to Traffic Match AI (and our network), you know exactly who they are.

(see this brief video for an explanation)

With this software you can…

  • Build an email list of your website visitors who never opted in so you can turn them into new business for your company.
  • Generate a direct mail list off website visits. Print is not dead, it just needs to be targeting to your hottest leads.
  • Build custom audiences inside Facebook and Google using ads that are 35-75% less costly (delivering ads to a person, not an interest).

Our Network – We are able to “match” at least 50% of your website visitors with the information in our consumer database. Our system tracks user behavior across devices, email identities and the internet. That is how what is an anonymous prospect to you is a “a real person” to us. We provide you with their name, email address, mailing address and phone number (using PII and GDPR). Information that you own and control forever. This gives you the ability to extend your marketing to automatically send a postcard to a prospect who’s been to your website, for example. Or re-target digitally using multiple channels. Traffic Match AI is another tool that you can use to immediately increase your revenue by 20 to 30%.

What We Do
By placing the Traffic Match AI code on your website we are able to match the identity of at least 50% of your traffic. We’re also able to capture your visitors’ behaviors pre- and post-click, and use that data as a training sample for your custom targeting algorithm (Artificial Intelligence). This Artificial Intelligence helps us further refine the targeting so that it becomes even more accurate.

What You Get
We send the data to you weekly,  fully customized to your business and your target customers – now you market more effectively because your message is relevant. More importantly, it allows you to stay relevant and top of mind by marketing to that individual across multiple channels, multiple times for much less.

The Result
You produce more new customers, faster and at a lower cost per acquisition (up to 75% lower!)… providing a major competitive advantage over your competition.


  • The impact that a specific message (matching behavior) has over a general one
  • The significance of marketing your message exclusively to those prospects who are ACTIVELY searching RIGHT NOW
  • How much greater your conversion rate would be
  • How much lower your acquisition costs would be
  • The impact Traffic Match AI ™ will have on your Bottom Line
  • If we could give you prospects who are, right now, actively looking for what you sell, could you CLOSE them?

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